It's not a homeless life for me♥

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18, Student, England.

Ed Sheeran♥




-Must be following me , her and him.

-You must REBLOG this post only. Like’s WILL NOT be counted.

-Reblog up to five times only.

-Must reach 3000 notes.

-Giveaway blogs don’t count.

The prizes are :

  • Canon Eos 1100D with an extra lens (18-55mm & 35-80mm)
  • Iphone 4s
  • Ipod touch 3gen
  • Razer Carcharias
  • Sony Alpha 100
  • Is this a real giveaway? Yes. This is a REAL GIVEAWAY. So don’t send us hate or anything.
  • Please don’t message any of us about this giveaway, even on anon. We will just delete it. 

We will choose the winner at August 10th.


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